Make a House a Home, where God dwells

The Man is responsible for the deliverables/goals that God has set for that home. Women are to ensure the house is conducive for him to do this. You need to make the home a place where God dwells. There are many homes in poor neighbourhoods where God’s presence remains, but there are houses in rich areas where God simply is not there!

A husband and wife should be reclaiming territory from the enemy that has been stolen. For example, Adam and Eve’s responsibility was to love and worship the Lord and protect the Garden of Eden from intruders. This is the same for husbands and wives today.

You can make the house a place where God lives through prayer, nurturing and welcoming the Holy Spirit, declaring that this is the Lord’s territory and reclaiming anything that the enemy has stolen.

Joshua 24.15 tells us “…But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD”.
God also said it is not good for man to be alone, but if you are going to fulfil your role as a virtuous woman, who is a crown to her husband, you need Jesus Christ. There is no other way. Society is a testament to why marriage is broken, because man and woman are broken. Only when we understand each other’s roles and how we have been created differently, in order to be a “blessing” to each other can we truly fulfil God’s purpose for the marriage.