In the blog “7P’s to consider BEFORE marriage” the 7th “P” mentioned is “Persona” this essentially means the different roles the marrried couple will play with in their marriage. Being a Husband or Wife can also be considered roles perform to each other. This blog dives into this persona criteria . . .

A Husbands role in the marriage is to build the house; not the physical house necessarily but the legacy, foundation and structure that the family and posterity will live by. (See blog Kingdom Man PMP Expert)

  • He is to provide the spiritual leadership for everyone in the home, to ensure they can all grow to be all God desires them to be.
  • He must create a space where development can happen, where vision is clear, where purpose is communicated.
  • He must ensure that the wife is well resourced and the children well discipled, after all he represents Christ to in the home government.

A Wife’s role is to build the home, creating the environment where; the Man, the Godly seed (children), and divine ideas can flourish. (See blog Kingdom Woman PMP Expert)

Building the home has two important areas:

1. Homemaking
The aspects of the home which nurtures all the people in the home which includes setting the emotional, relational and psychological atmospheres of the home;

  • Environment – This includes also the environment and ambience making sure it is healthy, inviting and conducive to all persons in the home
  • Hospitality – Catering for physical needs like food and comfort of the persons in the home

2. Bedroom Making
This is her ministry to the husband, the bedroom is the inner room communion, she has a role to minister to the master of the home.

This is intimate and important, it involves;

  • Submission (soul and body) including sexual
  • Communion (soul mate and confidant)
  • Burden bearer (intercessor and helper)


What do you all think of your future roles if unmarried and your current roles if married . . .

Authored by Pastor Eugene A Ajayi