Kingdom Connections is thoughtfully designed to meet your needs as a believer for fellowship, community, development and expression outside of the church space. It provides a forum and opportunity for connections, conversations, development and fulfilment in Relationships, Lifestyle and Purpose

KC is redefining the way christians in the marketplace relate and participate in kingdom life. With a network of over 500 professionals and services reaching 1000s of believers from over 100 churches across England and the USA the opportunities are exciting.

You can be part of the Kccommunity in the following ways

Set Up KC In Your Area

Over the years we have developed an effective model to connect kingdom citizens anywhere and anytime. We can aswell bring this experience to your neighborhood or local community.

Become a partner

You can partner with KC either as an individual or an organization. The sole requirement is that you share our goals and are committed to promoting our mission and vision to foster kingdom connections accross the globe

Contribute Your Time

Loads of background work are done daily by citizens who contribute thier time to make sure programs and events are well organised and delivered effectively. You too can br part of this.

Contribute Your Talent

The kingdom of God has a wealth of taleneted individuals in social media, graphics, web technoogies, finance, event planning etc. You can put your talent to a kingdom cause by contributing your talents towards kigdom projects.

Contribute Your Treasure

The KC vision is accompained by mission and development work in churches and communities all of the world. Your financial contributions would go a long way in seeing that our outreach programs are sustained.

Engage at KC Events

Every KC event you register and come to makes a huge difference because it encourages and gives other kingdom citizens to connect and grow together as a community.

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