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KC’s FOURTH Weekend Away is fast approaching!

This year, we will be heading to East Sussex for two days of fellowship, fun and fresh country air!

May’s KC Weekender will be themed around all relational-ships with the people around us! We explore the depth and the breadth of Christ’s perspective on this important topic. You will be empowered in the area of relational excellence, learning how to be more fruitful in every kind of relationship, be it functional, relational or situational.

Be part of this journey towards having wholesome/ productive relationships as you learn how to strengthen and deepen your wisdom in navigating them.

What to expect:

  • Great practical teaching to recognise and strengthen your various relationships (family, friends and colleagues) to the Glory of Christ;
  • Discussions and prayer; and
  • Fellowship, games and fun with brothers and sisters in the faith.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us, where we trust God to restore our relationships by first renewing our mind to His likeness. So why not come along to connect, commune and cultivate a new culture with fellow King’s men and women!?

Check out the below posts about previous retreats to see what else to expect:

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We look forward to having you onbaord!

For more information about KC, please visit our website on http://kccommunity.com/

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