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Every week we bring together Christians in the Southwark area to connect, engage and seek ways to increase their impact at work.

The greatest tool God has given us to impact the world is our work. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches that God cares about our work.

KC Workplace Connect provides the forum for Christians to come together in a locality to care, share and support one another to fruitfulness at work.

Ecclesiastes teaches the wisdom of Christian fellowship:

Two are better than one… Eccl. 4:9-12….More so at work

Why? Because the body of Christ is not meant to be separated, because we are at work.

We are simply better & stronger when we are together. It’s true, our work is our worship. So we look to encourage each other with:

1. Principles which shape our life & work.

2. Purpose of our lives & existence.

3. Productivity how are we manifesting purpose.

4. Progress how we are growing in purpose.

5. Profits are the benefits that are accruing for God & ourselves as part of our labour.

If you are interested in having a meetup start near your area of work, email us at; info@kccommunity.com