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We are bringing together Christians in the Bank area to connect, support one another and seek ways to increase their impact at work.

About this Event

The greatest tool God has given us to impact the world is our work. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches that God cares about our work. Our purpose is to do our best to invest all of our life and work for God’s glory. And, through the everyday, mundane work of our hands, God brings about flourishing to advance His kingdom.

However, we need others to come alongside us to keep us motivated and inspired on the journey.

That is why KC Workplace Connect provides the forum for Christians to come together in a locality to care, share and support one another to fruitfulness and flourishing in the workplace. No matter the nature of your work, paid or unpaid, you need other Christians who are also in work to sharpen your mettle to follow through especially when the going gets tough.

Ecclesiastes teaches us the wisdom of Christian fellowship:

Two are better than one… Eccl. 4:9-12.

More so at work.

The Bank Workplace Connect will focus on these 5Ps of Work:

1. Purpose – Why do you do what you do in the workplace? Do you connect your faith to your work and your work to your faith?

2. Principles – Can you stick to your Christian principles whilst at work?

3. Productivity – How are you productive in your life personally, in career, in relationships, etc.

4. Progression – Is there a forward plan for your life?

5. Profit – Who is benefiting from your life and your labour? Are you profiting the Kingdom with your time, talent and treasure?

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