“If the bone doesn’t fit your internal structures… DON’T TRY TO FORCE IT!”
Pastor Bayo Ajayi

How Do You Recognise Your Bone?
Let’s consider the following 5 scenarios…

1. Missing Rib Cage / Rib Bones
You haven’t found your spouse in your current environment. There is no one around who matches your bone. Perhaps it’s time to change your surroundings and exposure.

2. Cracked / Bruised Bones
Have you experienced a cracked or bruised bone in your body before? These will cause much pain. In this scenario, you have experienced trauma and not healed properly.  Similarly, people with crushed or bruised bones may appear to be a perfect match but issues not dealt with, will make it hard for the bone to function and support the body.

3. Cartilage / Under Developed Bones
Cartilage is an important structural component of the body. It is firm tissue but is softer than bone. It may be the right shape, but doesn’t hold the same density or support the same weight as bone. The cartilage hasn’t matured yet and in this case it can be simply the wrong time. It’s crucial that undeveloped bones guard themselves.

4. Incompatible Bones
Simply wrong Rib Cage or Rib Bone. They were not meant to fit together structurally. Forcing the bones to fit can damage organs and destiny.

5. The Perfect Bone Match
The Rib Bone matches the Rib Cage. It provides the right support to the frame. Once the “perfect” bone is found, then it is about grafting the bones together.  As in surgery, the deeper structure is set first. The bones are first aligned together, then the ligaments, muscles, tissue and finally the skin is grafted.

Many people can be distracted and prioritise the flesh before the bone (e.g. personality, physical attractiveness and material possessions). However, from the analogy above we can see that the bone first needs to be aligned in place and then the flesh and skin grafted on to have a seamless finish post surgery.

Points for further discussion:
· How do you manage a broken bone?
· How do you identify an undeveloped bone?
· How do you graft with precision to your perfect bone?