The truth is most men have no idea how women think!! I’m sorry, it’s the truth. We are literally from different planets cohabiting on planet Earth. So the KC Team hooked the KC men up by having a panel of single, engaged, courting and married women to give them a rare insight into what we’re actually thinking and how we see relationships and courting. I hope the guys who were there were taking notes. It’s true what they say: “Knowledge is Power”.

Men and women may have similar challenges when it comes to being single but I think it’s fair to say that there’s a lot more pressure on women because of our perceived ‘biological clock’ even though we serve the Author of time that is not subject to time but time is subject to him. They clearly haven’t read the story of Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 17). If God caused Sarah to conceive in her old age back then, he can do it now.

One of the Single women on the panel noted that “Marriage is very fashionable and trendy these days.” If you look at magazines or watch entertainment TV [I don’t watch that nonsense] you’ll see that it’s all about who is engaged, who is getting married, who is getting divorced and who is pregnant and then we’re subjected to photos of their babies. It’s now front page news even though men and women have been getting married and having babies for hundreds of years.

It’s okay for you guys!! For women it doesn’t’ matter how successful society says you are, if you’re not married with a kid or two by 30-35 than they will think there is something wrong with you and they will start putting pressure on you to settle down regardless of if you’re ready or not. So don’t be surprised when you’re dating a women and she wants to know “where things are going.” When you’re “not sure yet” and she ends the relationship, it’s probably because she really doesn’t have the time or the energy to waste, so try to be understanding and be as upfront and honest as possible about your intentions from the beginning.

When the KC Women were asked how they deal with getting attention from multiple men, the responses were mixed. When I was on the panel I said “attention from multiple men was awkward” and I’m very shy and I get really embarrassed when it comes to male attention, so for me the friendship route is a lot less awkward and that way you can get to know each other with NO PRESSURE!! That’s my motto in life. No one wants the pressure!! One lady who is courting said she secretly liked the attention when she was single and said it can be easy to be caught up in the attention. Another lady said she tried not to behave differently towards the men who were showing they liked her and tried to treat them in the same way especially when she is trying to get to know them. She also tried not to lead any of them on by being “open and honest”. Ultimately, if our end goal is marriage then at the end of the day regardless of the attention from multiply people, it’s not about playing games anymore, it’s about forming real friendships and pursuing relationships with those who you intend to marry.

Another question that was asked was: “At