Within the KC Community many questions are asked which can challenge people mindsets regarding marriage, and rightly so.

The following question was asked in during one of such debates:

“Why does a Woman have to take the mans last name if he is the one who leaves his Fathers & Mother?“

Genesis 2.24
“That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

The goal of marriage is to become “one flesh“, at the wedding the covenant is cut and the vows are taken. After the vows the woman legally becomes the wife, the marriage certificate is proof. Lets examine this further

The change of name is the immediate outcome of the wedding, under the law you are then legally refered to as Mrs “your husband Last Name”, as this affirms your covenant

Social Acknowledgement
The Witnesses at the wedding acknowledge this too, that is why they are at the wedding in the first place to witness “the joining”. Taking on the man’s name means you have accepted him, willingly and have fully come under his authority and covering. Being called by his name affirms this reality and even settles you psychologically into the reality that you have now become anothers wife.