Purpose vs. Career

Do not confuse purpose with career. Your ultimate purpose as a wife and woman of God is to please the Lord and incubate the destiny of your husband as given to him from God. Your career is NOT your purpose. In fact, when you are united with your husband in marriage, your wifehood gains prominence and you should still be able to fulfil your call in the body of Christ within the context of your union.

So what is your role and purpose before you marry?

Matthew 22.37 says:
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul, and with all your Mind”.

Accordingly, your roles before you marry and even when you become a wife is to love and please the Lord. Everyone in Christ has a call to the community of saints, the world and the Lord. God then expects you according to his will to give you the added responsibility of being a wife.

Summary of the Kingdom Woman
You, the Kingdom woman should be competent and an adequate helper. You should be able to co-navigate and assist your husband in fulfilling his destiny and purpose, which has been revealed to him by God. Finally, your role as a mother is to be a multiplier and nurturer, ensuring the family is kept secure from the enemy.