My prayers are with Harry and Meghan on this, I pray that the royal family will find the wisdom to deal with the issues in a way that helps all to find fulfilment.

Whilst I know that there are obviously other factors at play in Harry and Meghan's story, from the articles headlining in every mainstream paper during the past week. One of the lessons that jumps out to me is that It’s always good to count the cost of a marital unions and not just “estimate” it.

Many homes fail because what felt “possible” to the starry eyed couple before marriage, becomes daunting after marriage when reality kicks in.

Destiny and purpose (the real reason for marriage by the way) are expensive commodities, many destinies, (including those of the children of such marriages) could be jeopardised in situations where one or both of the couple had a wrong estimation of the price they needed to pay for the marriage and they reacted in ways that compromised the vision, direction and opportunities of the union.
Let’s even say we underestimated the challenges, demands and costs to us, and our systems are shocked when reality hits in marriage... Forfeiting and sabotaging the purpose is never a good response, this is where commitment and objectivity matters.

Just simply sit down and recalculate the cost, then pay the price for the God given destiny.

I do pray more homes become destiny-centric more than romanti-centric.