Proverbs 18.22
Whoso FINDETH a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

There are many females in this world, but wives are indeed scarce.  Note the word “FINDETH” in the above scripture. You only find what is uncommon and not generally available, what is common needs not be found, it can be easily picked up, because it is readily available.

Women of virtue who are well developed enough to be another’s partner in destiny, are not easy to come by; they are forged in the foundry of tutelage, cultured by service, rounded by relevant experience and perfected by wisdom.

Moroever, there are many males, but few are men.  Few have the level of personal insight required to be able to recognise the true bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh. Real men are made, constructed on impeccable values of spiritual and moral strength, tested tempered by experience, infused with vision and wisdom, and cultured with compassion.

For a man (not just male) finding a mate who complements your life purpose depends on the clarity of your vision for your future and the understanding of your own identity and purpose.  When you then find a wife, how do you pursue her, and how should she conduct herself whilst being pursued?

The burden of proof is on the man to demonstrate his vision and prove to the woman that he knows who he is, where he is going and why he thinks she is the perfect helpmeet for him.  The lady must not consume herself with Hollywood fantasies of pursuit, but must genuinely seek to listen, understand and vet the man’s manifesto, to determine if he is the one she is to be a helpmeet to.  A great deal of maturity separates the wife from the female and the husband from the male.

So it’s clear that in the whole game of pursuit, the big question is, “Are you what you seek?” If you are, then deep calleth to deep.