A man’s strength (ego, power and ability) is his weakness; whereas a woman’s weakness (soft-nature and femaleness) is her strength. She is strongest when she is being a woman, “needing” her man and weakest when she is trying to be strong like a man.

He is strongest when his logic rules his ability and not his ego, but weakest when his ego gets a hold of his self perception.  He is most vulnerable when he feels a need to protect or ‘be’ the man: the stronger you ‘think’ you are, the harder you fall to the damsel’s antics.  In summary she falls for his “strength” and he falls for her “weakness”.

This knowledge was Delilah’s secret weapon to destroy, but the virtuous woman’s secret recipe is for a sustainable home.

When God made man and woman He made them to complement. This is why we are wired the way we are, so it is not bad to have ego or “hard power” as a man, and persuasion or “soft power” as a woman.  What makes it bad is if all that power is handled without the right motive, training sensitivity and responsibility.

Homes and relationships are wrecked today because of immaturity and ignorance.  They were designed perfect and can work if worked according to the manufacturer, God’s instructions.