What Is Faith? It is an agreement for something intangible to become tangible. This agreement therefore makes things possible, creates a goal to achieve and establishes a view for the future. Look at the iPhone and the Internet – a lot of these things are miracles and started from a simple idea. Why is it therefore possible for mankind to create whatever he conceives? It’s because he thinks and someone else agrees, thus they create. Similarly, within a marriage, you must have a clear goal, speak it forth into existence and allow it to create.

Everything that God has created, He created with words. We create with our words. Words govern our lives.

The devil makes us underestimate the value of our words. However, God wants to keep on speaking to you and reform you so that you are informed. When words are spoken, they form images within our minds and make us believe what we hear.

Many guys will claim that they are not “talkers” but a guy must learn how to talk. Guys should use words to construct a vision of their future with their lady.  A woman is stimulated by conversation and mental imagery so it is important to feed her perception of how she fits in to your life with words and imagery.  As men, it is a necessary task for you to learn the art of communication! You cannot build a woman without words and communication. When a woman comes in to a man’s life, she is not the finished article but a guy should use his words to skilfully set and build the lady (like a carpenter) so that she can see herself fitting into his future.

In the garden of Eden, it was evil communication that came in between Adam and Eve and caused their fundamental issues. Your communication must be thus developed so you can ensure you are always on the same page.

If you don’t make good friends, you will have problems in relationships!!! If you are unable to build friendships without any strings attached, there are fundamental issues. Practice building relationships.  Every relationship should have a purpose and a reason for being there. They should be productive.