‘Learn BY experience or learn FROM experience. The choice is really yours’.

– Pastor Bayo Ajayi

Adam was the only man God actually gave a wife to. Since then, He now asks men to find their own wife and obtain favour from the Lord.  So since God gives you the option to find someone, if you don’t choose wisely…you really only have yourself to blame!

A Kingdom marriage mind-set
Are you still living as a citizen of hell with your black passport or have you given up that citizenship and become a citizen of heaven? A group of people with identical traits eventually becomes a nation. God doesn’t look at traits, He looks at the nature. Describing yourself by what you look like is deceiving yourself and not knowing the real you. We try everyday to be different from each other but the reality is that we are either male or female.

Every human is a spirit and has a soul, but you are not a soul. Many women are just bags of emotions and men are egos on steroids. God sees two types of people; sons of Adam and sons of God.

The kingdom is all about God’s kingdom working together. There is absolutely nothing wrong with socialising, but it depends on WHO you socialise with.

Every well defined group of people becomes a nation/system and every nation/system is based on 7 major influence areas.  They are known as the 7 mountains of influence:
-Media and
-Arts & Entertainment.

The enemy wants to make sure you don’t succeed in marriage! If you don’t approach it with intelligence then you will be a casualty. Your faith and value system tells you what to believe and what success is. Different environments equate success differently.  They underpin your identity, purpose and success.

If you could be married today, what value systems would you ship out to the world? What home would you build and would you be able to withstand the attacks of the enemy?  The more you invest in something, the harder it is to pull out of it.

Begin to see yourself as a new nation. You are royal priesthood- a chosen generation. Stop living how you used to live when you were in the world. If you’re going to have a kingdom marriage, love is not the motive. Don’t marry for love. In the kingdom, love is not the motive for marriage- purpose is the motive for marriage.  Therefore, don’t merely marry because of an emotion you have.

Your call is in your spirit. The more you invest in your spirit, the more you will understand your call. Your call is not what you do and the effect God has called you to have on humanity. Your vocation is how you achieve that effect. Many of you find out your gift first. Sometimes you gift and vocation don’t pay the bills so you need an occupation that funds your vocation. Sometimes they’re one an the same and they are aligned and you can be paid for it.