Following our agenda to connect believers for relationships and to nurture community amongst us all, we realise that a community is only as good as its families and its families as good as its individual members. We therefore found a way to help believers connecting to improve their lifestyle

At KC we promote the Kingdom agenda as opposed to a religious agenda by reinforcing God’s will for synergy amongst believers through interactive learning and fellowship.

Using biblical principles and examples we encourage individuals to unlearn worldly mindsets, behaviors’ and attitudes whilst adopting those of a mature son of God fully embodying and representing the nature of Christ.

By communing this way we have established and continually build a Kingdom culture founded on biblical principles and doctrine.

We designed this to fit into lifestyle seamlessly, it has Zero religion, 100% practicality, we call it the KingsTribe! It’s not for the fainthearted, it however gives you the peace of mind that your faith is real and authentic and the value of sharing it with people who identify with Christ, love him and take him seriously.

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Would you like to experience true community with other believers in society? Would you like to practice your faith and grow with other believers wherever you find them, unrestricted by organisations, institutions and programs, simply living by the divine code of Love for God, submission to Christ , fellowship with fellow Christians and collaboration to bring hope to the world?

If your answer is yes then Kings Tribe is the opportunity for you… it is not just another organisation, it is your nation finding you and you finding your nation, it is HOME… that is if you are born of the spirit.

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