Purpose – Marriage – Parenting

The Kingdom Woman should be a PMP expert in “Purpose, Marriage and Parenting”. Understanding one’s purpose is a pre-requisite to having a successful Kingdom focused Marriage. Having a successful marriage (as God intended) is a pre-requisite to having a successful Kingdom focused parenting approach.

The Kingdom woman needs to invest in knowing her Christ bound purpose, in order to navigate herself through the waves of marriage and parenting.  She must understand what she specifically is called to do and which audience, she called to minister to.

The wife needs to be a spiritual warrior and home builder, reclaiming territory from the enemy and ensuring the home incubates the family’s purpose.

Using the analogy of the woman as “the neck” and the man is “the head”, what purpose is the neck without the head and the head without the neck? Neither can function without the other. God is the covering of the two, ensuring that destinies/purposes are reached and demonic forces are slain.

Parents are meant to be children’s first visual reference to a successful marriage and life.  The most influential years of a child’s life are between 0-12 years (pre-teen years). These are the most vital years where culture, principles and values are instilled into a child. Therefore, from a parent’s perspective and you being the Kingdom woman, are you using this narrow window effectively?

Proverbs 22.6
Train up a child in the way he should go,
even when he is old he will not depart from it.

To be a PMP expert you must acquire the skills before you marry, in order to utilise ALL your married years with wisdom. You can prepare via:

·  Mentoring (be active in finding the right mentor)
·  Observation  (of others within your peer group and older generation)
·  Good council- surround yourself with the right kind of people (like in KC Man/Woman meetings)
·  Reading books
·  Listening to teachings

And… ultimately having a STRONG foundation of your most holy faith which has been built and solidified during your single, “lady in waiting” years (so to speak). With any journey in life, what you are prepared for, will better equip you to seize opportunities and bypass potential pitfalls.

As Pastor Bayo says, ‘You may not be able to predict the battlefields of life but you can master yourself, your skills and relevant knowledge such that you will always come out on top, regardless of the situation’. The challenges of each life will be different, so the PRACTICES will be different however, the PRINCIPLES and the PRECEPTS will be the same.

Proverbs 4:7
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:
and with all thy getting get understanding.


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