Purpose – Marriage – Parenting

Last time, we focused on the Kingdom woman so now we turn our attention to the Kingdom man.

Similar to the Kingdom woman, the Kingdom man should also be an expert in “Purpose, Marriage and Parenting” (P.M.P). If you have not read this article we recommend you review the previous blog first.

Men must understand their purpose before inviting a woman to join them; this is essential. A man who does not know his purpose and yet invites a woman to join him in a relationship and potentially marriage, is asking her to take a chance, to gamble with her life.

With the purpose well understood, a man is confident of what needs doing to serve the LORD and he also has a good idea of who should join him.  Such a purpose driven man also understands what kind of life will be built in his marraige and what the combined effect should look like in society. In short, a Kingdom man with purpose also has VISION – and can communicate it effectively.

In marriage, the Kingdom man answers to the LORD on behalf of the home; as such he has the responsibility to ensure what has been entrusted to him is looked after and produces fruit. The man must be prophet, priest, protector and provider in one. He must sacrificially love his wife as Christ loved the church and died for her. This means that when the wife sees her husband she should be reminded of Jesus himself!

This is a high calling. It should now be clear that marriage is no joke and must be taken seriously. The man will be representing the LORD God Almighty; he will have to work on himself if he is not yet ready to accurately reflect Christ. This will not just come once he is married, in fact it will be harder to get the individual focus he needs once married. Therefore, he must invest in himself now, to be best prepared to lead the household to the Glory of the LORD.

With the purpose, the vision and the marriage in place, he is now fit to train more Kingdom citizens into mature manhood and womanhood. Again, this is a high calling as the LORD is entrusting the man and his wife with lives that ultimately belong to Him so they must now work together to ensure their development is optimal. The children will look to the Kingdom message reflected in the marriage (remember Christ and the church) to imitate and subsequently grow.

If the parents have trained the children well through the Word and modelling as a means of affirmation, then once the children come of age, they too will be adults able to continue the expansion of the Kingdom.

As before, to be a PMP expert you must acquire certain skills BEFORE you marry, in order to utilise ALL your married years with wisdom. You can prepare via:

·  Mentoring (be active in finding the right mentor)
·  Observation  (of others within your peer group and older generation)
·  Good counsel- surround yourself with the right kind of people (like in KC Man/Woman meetings)
·  Reading books
·  Listening to teachings.

As Pastor Bayo says, ‘You may not be able to predict the battlefields of life but you can master yourself, your skills and relevant knowledge such that you will always come out on top, regardless of the situation’.

The challenges of each life will be different, so the PRACTICES will be different however, the PRINCIPLES and the PRECEPTS will be the same.

Proverbs 4:7
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.


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