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Dealing with Barriers to Fulfillment

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Getting married and fulfilling destiny is Gods will for us. Are you mature in age and have found yourselves waiting for years without seeing this fulfilled in your life? I want to encourage you that a swift and complete turn around is always possible with God. However, we must be in full cooperation with him [...]

Breaking the Stronghold of delay

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. . . through practical wisdom. Many people experiencing delays in getting married have thought at one time or the other that their situation could be enforced by demonic activity or evil people. Whilst I agree that a lot of times satanic influence is involved in the outcomes of our life, I would like to [...]

The Kings Woman Series Part 1

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Royalty Did you not know? Royalty? Yes! How did that happen you ask? Well, this amazing thing happened when Jesus died on the cross, was resurrected to life and made redemption possible. Paul mentioned this in his letter to the Colossian churches in Colossians 1:9-14      “And so, from the day we heard, we have [...]

KC Retreat Part Two: Ashburnham Place really was the place to be!

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When I first heard about the second KC retreat my initial reaction was “Errrr didn’t we just have one a few months ago? How can it top the first one which was really good?” I have to admit the sequels to most things are not the best but it wasn’t the case for the second [...]

All About The Bone (Part 2)

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"If the bone doesn’t fit your internal structures… DON'T TRY TO FORCE IT!" Pastor Bayo Ajayi How Do You Recognise Your Bone? Let's consider the following 5 scenarios… 1. Missing Rib Cage / Rib Bones You haven’t found your spouse in your current environment. There is no one around who matches your bone. Perhaps it's [...]

All About The Bone (Part 1)

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"This one is bone from my bone, and flesh from my flesh! Genesis 2.23 (ESV) · How do you measure compatibility? · What do you measure it against?  Perhaps a previous relationship? · Do you know what you are looking for in a relationship or mate? · How would you consciously recognise these when you [...]

3 Way Communication (3/3)

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There are 3 types of Communication: with Yourself, God and others. 3. Communication with Others Right communication with your own self will help you to communicate right with God. It is only then that you will be able to love another human being as you love yourself. Anyone who doesn't know him or herself cannot [...]

3 Way Communication (Part 2/3)

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There are 3 types of Communication: with Yourself, God and others. 2. Communication with God You cannot communicate with God effectively until you have come to a honest self realisation which you can only achieve until you are ready to hold the right kind of communication with yourself.   First, look in the mirror and [...]

The Prince & The Damsel

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A man's strength (ego, power and ability) is his weakness; whereas a woman's weakness (soft-nature and femaleness) is her strength. She is strongest when she is being a woman, "needing" her man and weakest when she is trying to be strong like a man. He is strongest when his logic rules his ability and not [...]