– Forgive one another completely, forgive the other person and hold nothing against them. (As Christ forgave you)

-Do not judge the person by their past acts, but you can discuss the past acts, learn lessons, and find ways to improve.

-Forgiveness is saying, “I am agreeing that you did what you did, but you are NOT what you did.” It opens the door for grace in our conversations forward.

– Love one another fully (unconditional agape, seek the best for one another for Gods sake)

– Believe the best of one another at all times
have a posture of absolute positive expectations in terms of the other persons potential to mean well, think well and do well.

Then calibrate your trust, by working with them to prove what is achievable. don’t build certainty around expectations that you haven’t worked through together

Your relational journey is a discovery of possibilities, and a labour together to achieve them.

By Eugene Adebayo Ajayi