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We’re kicking off 2020 with the 1st event of our “Let’s talk” series. This time round it’s about relationships for singles and couples.

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Hey there!

Kingdom Connections (KC) in partnership with My Experience will be kick starting the New Year with our first “Let’s talk’ series of conversations.

Are you single, married, dating or divorced? If so this event is for you.

Many of us want to have healthy, successful and thriving relationships but why do so many of us struggle in this area? What are some of the fundamental issues as well as some of the socio-cultural challenges we face today? Let’s talk.

We’ll be hosting a special guest panel of speakers to explore the challenges and to provide much needed answers to some of your relationship questions. Join us on Friday January 31st for an evening of topical conversation, an opportunity to network and a chance to meet some of our amazing guest panelists. Join the conversation, be part of the solution. See you there!

Kingdom Connections in Partnership with My Experience

Relationships. Lifestyle. Purpose

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