Jesus’s says to LET our Lights soo shine before men, that men seeing our good works will give glory to our Father in heaven. I think the children of this world however have such a great lead on us (the children of light) in these matters.

In the body of Christ we have limited these “good works” to only prayer, evangelism and social work, what about organising and resourcing kingdom teams to develop innovations, technological solutions, scientific breakthroughs?

These are the sort of solutions we should be praying for, but much more importantly we should be organising ourselves as Christians to provide.

On this group here there are people with experience from different professions and occupational spheres, from health, social care, technology, finance, governance, community development, research and many many more.

Could we bring ourselves to the point where we see the need to put all our “ploughshares” on the table and turn them into “swords” could we have different layers of conversations after we have prayed and reached out to our neighbours, that sees us taking responsibility for our world as a nation entity that is sent to bring heavenly solutions down to help the rest of creation.

Kingdom Wealth is always disguised as opportunities, whilst out church organisations may provide a place to pray and meet needs, the assembly of saints in the nation should provide socio economic solutions to the nation.

Just a thought