KC Weekend Away

Darkness is the ‘business case’ for Light

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Jesus’s says to LET our Lights soo shine before men, that men seeing our good works will give glory to our Father in heaven. I think the children of this world however have such a great lead on us (the children of light) in these matters. In the body of Christ we have limited these [...]

KC Retreat Part Two: Ashburnham Place really was the place to be!

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When I first heard about the second KC retreat my initial reaction was “Errrr didn’t we just have one a few months ago? How can it top the first one which was really good?” I have to admit the sequels to most things are not the best but it wasn’t the case for the second [...]

KC Retreat: “The Unscripted and Unending Laughter of a Manor Estate in Oxfordshire”

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This short write up is a comic side of the weekend trip (Apr 16), so I won’t elaborate on other aspects (which Stacey has already covered in the blog "KC Retreat: "One of the Best Weekends of My Life""). Well, I’ll try and paint it briefly in words, wit it in a story fashion that [...]

KC Retreat: “One of the Best Weekends of MY LIFE!”

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I have to be honest! When I got the WhatsApp message inviting the Kingdom Community to a three-day retreat that they were having in Oxfordshire at the end of April, my first impression was: "Errrrrr... how can I go? I don’t know anyone?  I joined in December 2015 and got the invite in February.  How can [...]