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- Forgive one another completely, forgive the other person and hold nothing against them. (As Christ forgave you) -Do not judge the person by their past acts, but you can discuss the past acts, learn lessons, and find ways to improve. -Forgiveness is saying, “I am agreeing that you did what you did, but you [...]

5 Stages of Christian Dating

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Christian Dating can be perceived as a grey area. But does it have to be? Below is a guideline we have prayerfully set up to navigate this “relationship” arena. Though we know our readers are all different, so, of course, no one dating experience will be the same. However, the different people in KC community [...]

To Take or Not To Take…. His Last Name

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Within the KC Community many questions have been asked that have challenged our mindsets as it relates to marriage. One question asked earlier this year was: “Why does a woman have to take the man’s last name if [the man] is the one who leaves his father and mother?!" This is what Genesis 2.24 says [...]

Dealing with Barriers to Fulfillment

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Getting married and fulfilling destiny is Gods will for us. Are you mature in age and have found yourselves waiting for years without seeing this fulfilled in your life? I want to encourage you that a swift and complete turn around is always possible with God. However, we must be in full cooperation with him [...]

Breaking the Stronghold of delay

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. . . through practical wisdom. Many people experiencing delays in getting married have thought at one time or the other that their situation could be enforced by demonic activity or evil people. Whilst I agree that a lot of times satanic influence is involved in the outcomes of our life, I would like to [...]

The Prince & The Damsel

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A man's strength (ego, power and ability) is his weakness; whereas a woman's weakness (soft-nature and femaleness) is her strength. She is strongest when she is being a woman, "needing" her man and weakest when she is trying to be strong like a man. He is strongest when his logic rules his ability and not [...]

Are You Ready to Settle Down?

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Maturity on several fronts will be good markers to let you know if you are ripe for a relationship or not. 1. Spiritual Maturity This is the depth of your walk with God, and how much of God's Word influences your desires and decisions.  It is how much your recreated spirit is in charge of [...]

Strategy for finding the “Right One”

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'Learn BY experience or learn FROM experience. The choice is really yours'. - Pastor Bayo Ajayi Adam was the only man God actually gave a wife to. Since then, He now asks men to find their own wife and obtain favour from the Lord.  So since God gives you the option to find someone, if [...]

What the KC Men wished the KC Women knew

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I guess it’s true: “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus;” we think and see things differently. As a response to this, the Kingdom Connections team tried to help us ladies out and had a panel of two Single KC Men, a man who was courting and a married man to try and [...]