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The Scattered, The Gathered & The Assembled : HINE MA TOV — Psalm 133:1-3

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Hine Ma Tov, the Jewish song of Psalm 133:1-3, a song of brotherhood and blessings of community in God. With more Christians now in the world than any other time in history, 2.18 billion. Christians, Jews and the whole world wonders “where is the presence of God? “ where is Emmanuel “God with us” CHRIST [...]

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast!

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It will take a radical change of paradigm for us to achieve “Commonwealth”. Our greatest barrier is our own culture. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” is a famous quote from legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker and made famous by Mark Fields, President at Ford. Individualism is an entrenched culture. It is the reason [...]


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- Forgive one another completely, forgive the other person and hold nothing against them. (As Christ forgave you) -Do not judge the person by their past acts, but you can discuss the past acts, learn lessons, and find ways to improve. -Forgiveness is saying, “I am agreeing that you did what you did, but you [...]

Sons, Children or Illegitimates?

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God is calling out of the church 'the Kingdom!' of Sons. The kingdom is fullest expression of Gods government representing on earth,it is the full fruit of his seeding process since Eden, the kingdom is many sons (Greek- hyios) reaped from a perfect seed of one (Christ) Gods kingdom is a kingdom of sons, (hyios) [...]


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COME LET US REASON TOGETHER: A FRANK TALK ABOUT YOUNG ADULTS IN CHURCHES Many churches are losing their young adults (18-40 year olds) to the world and other religions. we know it's happening, we want to stop it but cannot stop it because we have been trying to fix new problems with moribund solutions... Across [...]


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Ultimately the outcomes of society boil down to the man and the woman, the husband and the wife, as it was in the garden, the ultimate fight of good against evil is fought and won in the home. The kingdom of Israel was compromised in the days of Ahab when he succumbed to his heathen [...]

The Art of Communication

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The importance of developing great communication skills before marriage The old saying goes 'children should be seen and not heard'. Though we say that spouses should be seen, heard and heard one more time for clarity! Clarity within communication is not a skill simply reserved for marriage, but it is a skill for life, one [...]

5 Stages of Christian Dating

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Christian Dating can be perceived as a grey area. But does it have to be? Below is a guideline we have prayerfully set up to navigate this “relationship” arena. Though we know our readers are all different, so, of course, no one dating experience will be the same. However, the different people in KC community [...]