Father we pray for mercy over the Land and its leaders,

We stand to rebuke the Spirit of Death over the land as we plead the precious blood over this land. We cancel the  testimony of the blood of the slain and that of judgement well deserved for a land that had rejected you!

For your name sake as your people we pray that you will restore our prime minister to good health, we pray that you will set him free, we pray you will set Britain free from any satanic agenda, as a consequence of our marriage with the occult… Lord cause them the roots of the occult to perish from this land, and purge us from its defilement.

Have mercy on us Lord! Have mercy on your people, have mercy on this land and her people, have mercy on the west, we your people are here, we ask you for mercy.

We are your people Lord, called by your name, we repent for our own wicked ways, yes! We have not prayed, loved or acted as we ought. We did not stand as your watchmen and women over this land, we allowed Satan to have his fill, we are sorry!!!

We we have been apostate, we have not defended your name nor have we been witnesses for you, we have loved our lives more that we loved what you prescribed for us. In many ways we are not deserving to even advocate before you but for your Love and the precious blood that flows from the sides of your son and our Lord.

We ask that you will send your angels to bring peace, and to stop this scourge, comfort us, comfort our land, Heal it’s people. We ask for a revival to sweep across the west, we ask for one right now, because our land is ripe for it.

I pray for everyone on here, that our hearts will burn with truth, our lives will glow like a torch, we will live your dreams O Lord… this is why we are here!

Heal us Lord!