Maturity on several fronts will be good markers to let you know if you are ripe for a relationship or not.

1. Spiritual Maturity
This is the depth of your walk with God, and how much of God’s Word influences your desires and decisions.  It is how much your recreated spirit is in charge of your daily life.

2. Emotional Maturity
You understand your soul and have become a master of your emotions; you are not controlled by passion, pleasure, pressure or pain. You have surmounted your fears, pride and insecurity and come to bring your soul fully under the subjection of your spirit.

3. Physical Maturity
Obviously you should be physically mature and ready to provide leadership as a man and support as a woman, to also bear the burden of raising a family.

4. Social Maturity
You are experienced at handling other people and you are able to sustain relationships based on God’s Word.  You have understanding of people and are astute at communication; you evaluation of people is not based on desire or emotion but on truthful assessment and loving, humble and graceful relationship that builds others up. You are able to live and give for another to be happy and fulfilled.

5.Intellectual Maturity
You must know all that there is to know about God’s Will, Purpose, Plan and Specifications for man, woman, marriage, children, parenting, Godly community and purpose.  This will prepare your mind intellectually to forge a better relationship, marriage and future.

6. Financial Maturity
You are not controlled by money (either the lack or abundance of it) and understand the value of people above things and money.   You are not selfish neither are you wasteful; you are a prudent manager of resources who does not see money as the most important resource in this life.

7. Purpose Maturity
You know who you are and where you are going in life, this enables you to know the right kind of people to consider for marriage.  If you don’t know this, you will be confused.

8. Season Maturity
You should be in the season where based on your divine destiny, you are ripe to seek a helpmeet.  This means your heart knows and senses that it is time to seek a wife or be sought by a husband.