Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinks in his heart, so is he

How many of us can pin point the exact date and time when you became a man or a woman? Your sense of man and womanhood was an estimation based on how you felt. Who told you that you had passed the test?

This is one of the reasons why people are in relationships but don’t know if they are man enough for the job. Did you know that an estimated 51% of marriages in the church fail. That’s right… in the church!

If you believe marriage is hard work and it can’t work, then you will create what you believe. As a man thinks, so He is.

Get wisdom and with all your getting, get understanding. Lots of us have knowledge but not a lot of us have understanding. Have you ever asked yourself sincerely- why do I want to get married? For legal sex, companionship? I’m getting older? All my friends are getting married? If you’re entering into a lifelong commitment such as marriage, none of these should be the reason you get married. Marriage is about purpose.

How well do you know yourself? How well do you know your spouse? How well do you know the opposite sex? How well do you know the institute of marriage? How well do you know the purpose of your own marriage. How well do you know the destiny of your children?

Women, do you see yourselves as a suitable helper? To be a particular person’s destiny helper and help this man do all that God has created him to do? There’s no value if you’re just ‘getting together’. You have to upgrade your thinking and expectation. When you enter a marriage, you need to amplify what you can achieve.

It’s possible to have a good marriage but you men will have to have a change of logic and ladies will need a new perspective. You can't allow your hearts to lead you. You should build a fresh perspective of what marriage is and what you believe to be fulfillment.

What’s love got to do with it?

As a kingdom citizen there are two laws, love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

That’s Agape love. You can’t marry on the basis of Eros love.

Husbands, agape your wife. If you don’t understand agape and try to get to other types of love then

that’s going to cause problems. The need of your body and soul can lead you to marry the wrong person. The need for sex, companionship etc…

Who am I?
What have I been called to do?
What is the type of person I can do this with?

‘He makes me laugh, that’s why I married him’ that doesn’t cut it, it do not make sense. Your eyes should be OPEN to see past the outer appearance and only be looking for the one who syncs with your destiny the most.

See past the content, beauty is fleeting and ONLY skin deep. You only need to remove the make up & accessories. Find out WHO YOU REALLY ARE so you know what fits for you.