KC is a non-denominational community of like minded Christians who are forming purposeful relationships in business, friendships, marriage and community. Transforming the world through challenging people’s mindset into a Kingdom minded community with Christs ethos.

Many dating sites CONNECT people together, however very few groups teach, guide and support singles, courting and married couples on how to have successful relationships.

The relationship principles of KC can be used by anyone/couple regardless of your church background, and help is always on hand through all the stages from “hello to I do” and beyond from experienced mentors.

Pastor Eugene Adebayo –
‘The most valuable resource we have is our life and time, choose to invest your lifetime wisely with the right relationships. Your destiny depends on it!’

A relationship is only as good as it components (man and woman), if a relationship is as a compound, then the individuals are the components, and their way of relating is their chemistry.

A good compound requires good components and a good chemistry this is why we invest in cultivating and culturing men and women to have better relationships by improving their way of relating.

We do this through our one-on-one relationships, cell groups and monthly gatherings through. See our Event’s page to see our upcoming KC Man, KC Woman or KC Community meetings.[/fusion_text