How Did We Start?

KC was birthed out of a desire to connect young people aged 25+ across denominations who may not otherwise meet.

The founder of KC Eugene Adebayo Ajayi had recognised then in his work amongst Christian Institutions that there were small unconnected pockets of single believers in every church who were existing in the church-work-home triangle of life. He wondered how to provide a forum for them all to connect with one another and started Kingdom Connections with a few people.

The first meeting was in April 2015. It has burgeoned since then with thousands of unique connections amongst believers. By hosting regular events, opportunities have been created for people to commune and cultivate possibilities for marriage, business and networking and to develop Christ authored relationships to aid spiritual growth and accountability.

Our Vision

Our vision is for God’s people to be truly united as one irrespective of class, denominations, gender, ethnicity or geographical location.

We envisage a strong community of ‘Christ like’ disciples who identify themselves in Christ and relate because of him. Such will see themselves as brothers and sisters and as citizens of God’s kingdom rather than mere church members belonging to a denomination or sect.

Kingdom Connections is a fast growing community of inter denominational believers who commune for dicipleship in relationships, lifestyle and purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually expand the Kingdom community by connecting individual believers and churches both nationally (in the UK) and worldwide

By continually providing opportunities for believers to meet, we cultivate and disciple them through forums, conferences, retreats, regular community events and more.